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Loan Rates

Rates effective as of 7/16/2019

Actual credit history will apply. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Loan Type Year Term Annual Percentage Rate
New Auto Loans 48 months as low as 2.99%
60 months as low as 2.99%
72 months as low as 3.23%
Used Auto Loans 2018 54 months as low as 2.99%
2017 48 months as low as 2.99%
2016 48 months as low as 2.99%
2015 42 months as low as 2.99%
2014 42 months as low as 2.99%
2013 36 months as low as 2.99%
2012 30 months as low as 2.99%
2011 24 months as low as 2.99%
2010 18 months as low as 2.99%
2009 12 months as low as 2.99%
New or Used tractors, boats, watercraft, travel trailers, and motor homes
Up to 60 months as low as 5.90% APR
Up to 72 months as low as 6.25% APR
Over $60,000 only
Up to 84 months months as low as 7.90% APR
Loan officer will determine term
Motorcycles, 4 wheelers, ATV’s, UTV’s New as low as 5.90%
Used as low as 5.90%
Up to 60 months to be determined by loan officer
Other Collateral (Computers, Furniture, Appliances, & Lawnmowers) 5.90%
Home Improvement & Real Estate (Lots & Acres of Land / 80% of Appraised Value | NMLS #466088)
5 years Call for Rates
10 years Call for Rates
15 years Call for Rates
Share Secured Loans as low as 2.00% above dividend rate
Signature Loans & Line-of-Credit as low as 10.90%

Auto / RV Loans

Auto Loans

Shopping for a new or used car or truck? You’ve already got plenty to think about: Makes, models, optional equipment, colors and so on. When it comes to financing, make it easy on yourself with an auto loan from AFECU. We have loans available for new and used cars and trucks. Our loans feature competitive interest rates and the kind of efficient, personalized service that only your credit union can provide.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Ready to add to your leisure-time fun with a boat, camper, trailer, motorcycle, personal watercraft or motor home? Let Angelina Federal Employees CU help you finance those dreams. We offer loans on new and used recreational vehicles. All our loans come with competitive interest rates and efficient, personalized service. When it’s time to stop dreaming and hit the road or the water, come to AFECU for your recreational vehicle financing needs!

Please contact us for more information on loans or click here for a loan application. View rates .

MasterCard Credit Cards

At Angelina Federal Employees CU, we offer the MasterCard® Standard and the MasterCard® Platinum credit card. Your credit card should offer convenience, not high costs. Why spend more on fees and interest charges than you have to? Discover the savings of a Angelina Federal Employees CU MasterCard® Card.

You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • Fixed rates
  • 25 day grace period
  • No minimum finance charge

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Choose the Plan that Works for You Standard Platinum
Annual Percentage Rate (rates fixed) 10.9% 8.9%
Other APR (cash advance & balance transfers) 10.9% 8.9%
Grace Period for Purchases 25 Days 25 Days
Method of Computing Balance Average Daily Balance
Annual Membership Fee NONE NONE
Minimum Finance Charge NONE NONE
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of transaction amount
Balance Transfer Fee NONE NONE
Late Payment Fee 10% of the past due date*
Over-the-Credit-Limit Fee NONE NONE

*If ten (10) or more days late. Late payments and over-limit transactions violate your account agreement. However, the fee will not exceed $20.00.

Periodic Rates

  • Standard: The Purchase and Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate is 10.90%, which is a daily periodic rate of 0.0299%.
  • Platinum: The Purchase and Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate is 8.90%, which is a daily periodic rate of 0.0244%.

Other Fees Include

  • Returned Payment Fee: $25.00 or the amount of the required minimum payment, whichever is less.
  • Rush Fee (2 day delivery): $27.50
  • Rush Fee (Overnight delivery): $55.00
  • Collection Fees: You agree to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this Agreement, including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

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Important Numbers to remember for current cardholders:

  • Change PIN Number – (888) 891-2435
  • Credit Card Call Center – (800) 442-4757
  • Report LOST/STOLEN card – (800) 569-9799 or (800) 442-4757

Home Equity Loans

Turn your home ownership into a more rewarding experience with a home equity loan from AFECU. Capitalize on the value you’ve built up in your property with cash for home improvements, educational expenses, or whatever purpose suits you. A home equity loan from AFECU carries a competitive interest rate and the efficient, personalized service you’re accustomed to receiving from your credit union.

Please contact us for more information.
Angelina Federal Employees Credit Union NMLS #466088
Carla Daniel-Kelley NMLO #466688

Personal Loans

Signature Loans

A signature loan from AFECU can help with your loan needs, whatever they may be. You can use a signature loan to consolidate debt, finance a vacation or cover holiday expenses. These loans can also help you pay for medical emergencies and other unexpected events. Signature loans from AFECU comes with low interest rates, fast processing and convenient repayment terms, as well as efficient, personalized service.

Share Secured Loans

With a AFECU share secured loan, your deposit in a AFECU share savings account or savings certificate serves as collateral to secure your loan. Share secured loans carry our most attractive interest rates, and you’ll even continue to earn dividends on your savings!

Please contact us for more information or click here to view loan rates. View Rates

Other Loans

AFECU offers a loan to fit your every need. We offer loans for

  • Real Estate (lots and acreage)
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Computers
  • Home Improvement

Please contact us for more information or click here for a loan application. Loan Application